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If you’re in the market for self storage then keep an eye on our site and we will let you know the best prices on the coast. Otherwise give us a call today and store your items safely and conveniently.

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Great summer self storage special

We are already beating all the competition in the market place and now we have added our summer specials to the mix we can offer even greater savings.

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20 foot insulated containers have arrived

We have had 10 foot insulated containers in stock for a while now. But have been waiting on 20 foot

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Why are shipping containers better storage solutions?

There are several advantages to containers that leave them streets ahead of typical storage sheds:

  • Easy to transport to allow you to move the contents without repacking
  • Cost per square foot is normally a lot lower, due to the ability to utilise the space
  • They are built to last, so they can withstand external damage, such as storms
  • Superior defence against vermin and general pest control, as they can be sealed more effectively than a shed and treated easily
  • Security advantages due to their steel construction and ability to lock securely
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Should I buy or choose container hire?

Being a very individual consideration there will of course need to be a couple of things considered. Least of which will be the financial benefits of both.

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What size storage container do I need?

The choice of container size comes down to several things. Initially you’ll need to consider how much you will want to put in it and how will it be used

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