How to choose a storage unit size

How To Choose A Storage Unit Size

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How To Choose A Storage Unit Size

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Storage units can be a huge help when moving, renovating, or simply clearing out a home. Secure, affordable, and available in a variety of sizes, they’re a convenient way to store items for as long as you need.

But with so much choice available, choosing the right size of storage unit can be a little tricky. No one wants to pay for space they don’t need or, conversely, wind up with more than they can store! To help, we’ve put together this quick guide on how to choose a storage unit size.

How much do you need to store?

The key thing to consider is how much you’ll need to store. With storage units coming in varying sizes, you’ll need to make sure you have enough room to store all your belongings, without paying for more space than you need.

You can expect to find storage units ranging from around 5 x 5 square feet up to 10 x 30 square feet, though you should always check with your chosen storage provider to see exactly what they offer. Smaller units are great for storing seasonal items, like Christmas decorations, while the larger ones are better for pieces of furniture or clearing an entire room.

Make an inventory of what you’ll need to store and take measurements of the larger items. This means that when you reach out to your local storage unit providers, it’ll be even easier to pick the right size.

Plan out your storage

Once you have an idea of what you need to store and what options are available to you, try a test run with your items. Measure out the space and plan how you would store them, or, if you don’t have the room, try drawing it out. Measuring your items and drawing to scale will help here.

Having a plan will give you an idea of how you can maximise the space available to you, and will also give you a good indication as to whether you’ve picked the right size storage unit in the first place.

What else should you consider?

As well as the size of your storage unit, there are a few other factors to think about when booking the space. Think carefully about:

How much the unit will cost

This will be tied to the duration of the rental and can vary from provider to provider.

How long you’ll need the unit for

Many storage units will have a minimum rental period, and it may cost more to add extra months at short notice. Consider how long you’ll need the unit for and try to prepare for any unexpected extensions as best you can.

Where the unit will be located

This is especially important if you’re moving house and need the unit to be convenient for both the old and new home, or if you might need regular access to the items you’ve stored.

What kind of service do you need

Are you happy to move everything to the storage unit yourself, or would you prefer a pick-up option? Will you need help with packing your items? Remember that extra services will incur extra costs!

Shipping Containers

At Gold Coast Containers, we also have the option of providing shipping containers for storage. They’re available in three different sizes – 8ft, 10ft, and 20ft – and can be accessed onsite at our Tweed Heads location or brought to your home for the duration of the rental.

We also sell containers – perfect for people moving overseas or looking for some long-term storage at their home or workplace!

So, where should you start?

If you’re looking for some more storage unit advice, you can reach out to our team, or have a look through our blog. If you’re already in the process of getting packed, we’ve got a great guide to long term storage tips to get you started!


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