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Who Uses Storage Units & What Can They Store? 

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Whether you need some secure storage while you’re in between places, or you’ve recently downsized and simply don’t have space to store your Grandma’s antique piano anymore, renting a storage unit is a simple way to take the stress out of holding onto your belongings. But exactly who uses storage units? 

Who uses storage units? 

Generally speaking, people use storage units for one of two main reasons:

  1. To store items temporarily while they’re in between houses, living overseas, or waiting to sell items.
  2. As a longer-term storage option for furniture or other items that they simply don’t have enough space for.

At Gold Coast Containers we cater for all kinds of people and provide secure storage for a range of goods. A typical customer who uses storage units might be: 

1. In-between houses 

    By far, one of the most common reasons to use self-storage is to store belongings while you’re moving between rentals or in-between houses. For example, it’s quite common for younger people to move from living in an apartment by themselves, back into a shared house or home with their family, where they simply don’t have enough space to store all of their furniture. People often come to us for storage when they need to find somewhere to store their belongings quickly, due to a change in relationship status, or unexpected change to their lease arrangements. 

    2. Moving overseas or going away on an extended holiday

      Aussies love to travel, and it’s becoming increasingly popular to take a full year off to see the world. But not everyone who is moving overseas wants to sell all of their belongings or has family members to hold onto their furniture. We often have customers come to us to store their belongings while they’re overseas. It’s particularly common for homeowners who decide to rent out their property while they’re away. 

      3. Downsizing or selling a house

        Selling the family home can be stressful enough without also having to get rid of a lifetime’s worth of belongings. A lot of retirees come to us to store their old furniture and the knick-knacks they’re not ready to part with just yet. We also often have people using our storage units who haven’t yet purchased a new home, or have moved into a temporary rental while they look for a new property.

        4. Storing the contents of an estate

          We often have executors of wills, or the relatives of people who have passed away contact us to inquire about storing their belongings. Belongings need to be disposed of in accordance with the person’s will, and not everyone has the luxury of being able to relocate an entire house worth of items before the property is sold, or the lease ends. 

          5. Storing business inventory

            Contrary to popular belief, storage units aren’t just for household belongings! They’re particularly popular among business owners just starting out, who can’t justify the cost of warehouse storage but don’t yet have a brick-and-mortar store. The proliferation of online-only businesses has also seen an increase in the amount of people using either onsite or offsite storage units to store their stock.

            6. Out of storage space at home 

              We all know someone who’s filled up every cupboard in the house, the attic and the shed and still needs more space for their stuff! It might seem ridiculous to some, but being out of storage space at home is one of the most common reasons to use self-storage. Many of our customers simply need some extra space to store items they don’t want to part with, but that they don’t use every day. 

              7. Renovating

                We often speak with customers who want to temporarily store their household items in a storage unit while they’re undertaking renovations. Depending on the extent of the reno, it might be one room’s worth of stuff or it could be an entire house’s worth. While it’s often possible to squeeze items from one room into another, renting a storage unit while renovating can be a great way to protect your belongings from unexpected damage and ensure the rest of your house remains liveable and clutter-free. 

                Most popular items people store in storage units

                We’ve covered who uses storage units, but just what exactly are people storing? Here’s a list of some of the most common items we hear about in self-storage: 

                1. Furniture

                  Not all furniture is European flat pack, that’s easy to tuck away in a box when it’s not in use. Storing bulky, or antique furniture is hands down one of the most common reasons to use self-storage. Whether it’s a lounge suite, dining table, armchair or chest-of-drawers, we’ve seen it all. While some people just need to store their furniture temporarily while they’re in between houses, others are looking for a permanent home for items they like to rotate in and out of use now and again. 

                  2. Sporting or adventure equipment

                    Apartment living is becoming increasingly popular, which can make it challenging to store bulky items like kayaks, boats, skis and mountain bikes at home. After all, not everyone has access to a shed. 

                    3. Artwork and antiques

                      Collectors often use storage units to keep artwork, antiques and other collectables safe and secure. Sometimes people are looking for a climate-controlled option, or want that extra peace of mind that their valuable items are protected from theft or damage. Other times, they’re simply after a place to store precious items that don’t fit quite so well with their new décor. 

                      4. Household items 

                        Electronics, appliances, mattresses, bedding, books, knick-knacks—you name it, we store it. Lots of people moving house or heading overseas store the full contents of their home with us (including at times, the kitchen sink!)—particularly bulkier items like refrigerators, washing machines and mattresses. It’s particularly common for people to do this when they’re moving in a hurry and don’t have time to sort through their belongings.   

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